Sample Projects and Implementations

The project was focused on diagnosing and removing the reasons behind slow response time of SQL Server 2005. As the server controlled the work of a production line, delays of several up to twenty seconds long were holding up the entire process, therefore immediately affecting the customer’s financial results. An additional objective was to document and optimize the legacy configuration of SQL Server and the production database.
In the first place, information concerning the configuration of SQL Server and the database, as well as their functioning, was collected. The data allowed to document the legacy configuration and establish the performance baseline. The analysis of the information gathered served to identify the database system performance bottlenecks. Then, the problems identified, such as the lack of adequate indexes, overuse of ad-hoc queries, incorrect configuration and location of the transaction log, were handled and removed.
1.The time in which procedures crucial for the customer are handled was stabilized at the level of several dozen milliseconds, constituting a performance improvement of over 1000 times over the previous situation.
2.The average SQL Server processor load decreased from 99 % to 5 %.
3.The server in use proved to be efficient enough to serve the ever-growing production database for the 5 years to come.