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There is a lot of different BI solution on the market, including out of the box applications and customizable systems. They differ in every aspect: have different capabilities, functionalities, user-friendliness of deploying and use, as well as prices, scalability and performance. In this situation choosing the right solution, a strategic decision that can affect the growth of the company, is a difficult task that requires a thorough analysis. The goal of the training is to present well-tested, universal as well as flexible Microsoft BI technologies that can be adjusted to your specific needs. This solution is especially attractive to Customers that already use Office and/or SQL Server — they can get the most out of already purchased licenses and use them to build a Business Intelligence system.


  • Course level: 200
  • Start date: as required
  • Duration time: 2 days

Price: 3000 zł

  • Open training
  • On-site (costumer's premises)
  • Customer’s computer


The course is addressed to managers of all levels and business users, including analytics. Its participants will be given the practical overview of the newest Microsoft BI technologies, namely: opportunities to effectively use SQL Server as a database platform, as well as a data warehouse and analytical server; its new Tabular Mode; its Enterprise Information Management Services, and built-in Reporting Services; with Office additional capabilities (most importantly, with Excel’s BI add-ins); and with consolidation capabilities offered by SharePoint Server. The unique point of our training is that it doesn’t concentrate on technical details and implementation techniques, but is all about showing business value that you can gain by choosing those solutions.


The basic training is comprised of 5 modules. Just like all the other courses on our offer, it has been designed by our experts, therefore we can freely customize it to suit the individual needs of the participants. We would like to encourage you not only to choose the modules which you find relevant for your needs, but also to feel free to contact us with your suggestions and questions you would like to hear answered during the course.


Duration: Level:
Module 1

Introduction to BI systems
  • History of Decision Support Systems
  • BI Models and Conceptions Comparison
  • Proof of Concept Demonstration — BI System Role in Decision Processes

90 minutes 200
Module 2

Source Data and Data Warehouses
  • Operational Data Characteristics
  • Source Data Consolidation
  • Assessing and Improving Data Quality
  • Central Data Warehouse Role
  • Proof of Concept Demonstration — Data Warehouse Architecture and Role

180 minutes 300
Module 3

Data Models
  • Data Models as Abstraction Layer
  • “One Version of the Truth” Rule in Theory and Practice
  • Functional and Easy to Use Model Attributes
  • Proof of Concept Demonstration — Comparison between two Data Models: Multidimensional and Tabular

180 minutes 300
Module 4

Client Tools
  • Reporting and Data Visualization
  • Data Analytics and “Self-Service BI” approach
  • Dashboards, Scorecards and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Data Mining in Practice
  • Proof of Concept Demonstration — seamless integration of various Microsoft BI Technologies

180 minutes 200
Module 5

BI Project Management
  • BI Project Characteristics
  • Gathering Business Requirements
  • Proved BI Methodologies
  • Proof of Concept Demonstration — a Lifecycle of a Successful BI Project

90 minutes 300


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