Reporting and Presenting Data


Every implementation of a DW/BI (Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence) system ought to result in creating reports useful to business users, otherwise it cannot be viewed as successful. Unfortunately, sometimes projects of this kind are developed from the perspective of IT specialists, not business users, with a data warehouse in view instead of reporting. In effect, a properly working data warehouse is created, which turns out entirely useless nonetheless. Our course will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to work with such data analysis tools as Excel, Excel Services and PowerPivot, as well as to visualize data using PowerView program, create reports on your own with Reporting Services, and build Key Performance Indicators, Scorecards, or Dashboards using PerformancePoint Services.


  • Course level: 300
  • Start date: as required
  • Duration time: 2 days

Price: 2800 zł

  • Open training
  • On-site (costumer's premises)
  • Customer’s computer


The course is aimed at BI specialists and analysts. The participants will be equipped with a wide range of data analysis and visualization tools, and will learn to create both simple and advanced reports, scorecards and dashboards.


The basic training is comprised of 11 modules. Just like all the other courses on our offer, it has been designed by our experts, therefore we can freely customize it to suit the individual needs of the participants.  We would like to encourage you not only to choose modules which you find relevant for your needs, but also to feel free to contact us with your suggestions and questions you would like to hear answered during the course.
Our trainings are unique also because we limit the time set aside for laboratory type classes customarily conducted after the completion of each module, to the benefit of exercises done with the assistance of the trainer and demonstrations. We believe in this manner we can equip you with substantially more practical information and tips, and focus on dealing with the issues directly within your scope of interest. However, each day of the training is finished with a laboratory class of approximately 1hr, so that you can do self-practice and do exercises of your choice.


Duration: Level:
Module 1

Reporting in DW/BI Systems – an Introduction
  • Report Types
  • Data Sources

30 minutes 300
Module 2

Excel Sheet and Excel Services
  • Building Reports in Excel Sheet
  • Work with External Data Sources
  • Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

60 minutes 300
Module 3

SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Reporting Service
  • Data Sources
  • Creating a Report
  • Report Properties

90 minutes 300
Module 4

Creating Advanced Reports
  • Tablix, or a Universal Way of Presenting Data
  • Graphic Elements (Charts, Maps, Sparkline Graphs, Key Performance Indicators)
  • Active Connections
  • Parameterizing Reports
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Report Performance

120 minutes 400
Module 5

Report Models and Report Builder
  • Creating Report Models
  • Exports Based on Models
  • Report Builder

30 minutes 300
Module 6

Integrating Reporting Services with SharePoint Server 2010
  • Modules (Report Parts)
  • Alerts

30 minutes 300
Module 7

  • Creating Data Sources
  • Introduction to DAX Language
  • Creating Reports with PowerPivot

120 minutes 300
Module 8

Advanced Reports in PowerPivot
  • Computed Columns
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Hierarchies

60 minutes 400
Module 9

  • Data Sources for PowerView (Basics Of BISM)
  • Creating Reports
  • Graphic Elements of Charts
  • Data Filtering

120 minutes 300
Module 10

PerformancePoint Services
  • PerformancePoint Services
  • Data Sources
  • Dashboard Designer
  • Scorecards
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Reports
  • Dashboards

120 minutes 300
Module 11

Advanced Reports and Dashboards in PerformancePoint Services
  • KPI - Advanced Options
  • Filters and Intelligent Filters

60 minutes 400


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