New BI Features of SQL Server 2008/2008 R2


There have been a lot of changes and new tools coming up in SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008R2 related to Business Intelligence. BI Solutions have become even more functional, efficient and easier to implement, which has been appreciated in yearly Gartner Special Reports covering new technologies. The aim of the course is to familiarize Business Intelligence developers with new Microsoft BI products, such as Report Builder 3.0. PowerPivot and Master Data Services, and with numerous changes in the already existing components. Our course will enable you to use independently the new capabilities of SQL Server 2008 and 2008R2 to create BI solutions, and will help you to use and develop the already existing systems more efficiently.


  • Course level: 400
  • Start date: as required
  • Duration time: 2 days

Price: 2800 zł

  • Open training
  • On-site (costumer's premises)
  • Customer’s computer


The course has been designed for BI developers, as well as analysts working with the previous version of SQL Server and creating analysis and reporting solutions in it.


The basic training is comprised of 7 modules. Just like all the other courses on our offer, it has been designed by our experts, therefore we can freely customize it to suit the individual needs of the participants.  We would like to encourage you not only to choose modules which you find relevant for your needs, but also to feel free to contact us with your suggestions and questions you would like to hear answered during the course.
Our trainings are unique also because we limit the time set aside for laboratory type classes customarily conducted after the completion of each module, to the benefit of exercises done with the assistance of the trainer and demonstrations. We believe in this manner we can equip you with substantially more practical information and tips, and focus on dealing with the issues directly within your scope of interest. However, each day of the training is finished with a laboratory class of approximately 1hr, so that you can do self-practice and do exercises of your choice.


Duration: Level:
Module 1

Changes in SQL Server Database Engine for Data Warehousing
  • Partitioning
  • Transferring Data from Partitions
  • Data Compression
  • Change Tracking Mechanism
  • Change Data Capture Mechanism
  • Using MERGE Command to Load Data Warehouse

120 minutes 400
Module 2

Changes in SQL Server Integration Services
  • Data Profiling and Data Profiling Task
  • New Creators
  • Efficient Data Joining with New Lookup Task
  • The Use of MERGE
  • Implementation of SCD

60 minutes 400
Module 3

SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services
  • New Architecture of a Reporting Server
  • Changes in Managing SSRS
  • Changes in the Report Designing Tool – Report Designer
  • New Reporting Capabilities Using Tablix Function
  • Efficiency Increase Due to New Optimization and Configuration Features
  • Integration with Sharepoint, Report Parts and Shared Datasets
  • New Types of Data Sources Including Sharepoint Lists, SQL Azure, Parallel Data Warehouse
  • Visualization of Maps in Reports
  • New Graphic Elements and Charts
  • New Rendering Possibilities – Export Of Data from Reports

150 minutes 400
Module 4

SSAS – SQL Server Analysis Services
  • New Creators in SSAS
  • Relationship Attribute in Hierarchies
  • Designing and Optimizing Aggregations

60 minutes 400
Module 5

Data Mining
  • Changes in Algorithms
  • New Tool for Office (Data Mining Add-Ins for Excel and Visio)

120 minutes 400
Module 6

Introduction to PowerPivot
  • PowerPivot Architecture for Excel and SharePoint
  • Creating Reports in PowerPivot
  • DAX Language
  • What PowerPivot Can Be Used For

120 minutes 300
Module 7

Master Data Services
  • Introduction to Master Data Management
  • MDS Architecture What MDS Can Be Used For

90 minutes 300


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